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Are you looking for Wheel Tracking for your vehicle?

Misalignment in your car's axle geometry can severely jeopardise your car handling experience and the durability of car’s tyres. Hence, to avoid these issues, you should opt for routine wheel angle tracking from a reliable workshop every 5000 to 6000 miles.

At our service station - M8 Tyres & Tracking Ltd we provide cost-effective 4-wheel and 2-wheel tracking Manchester using industry-best standards. Our technicians are adept in the latest wheel tracking and re-alignment procedure and can complete the entire service without much turn-around time.

How To Know Whether Your Car Needs A Wheel Tracking?

Your car will show some distinct warning signs when its wheels are not correctly aligned, like:

  • Crooked and juddering steering wheel.
  • Poor mileage.
  • The car pulls to the left or right direction while you drive straight.
  • Uneven and rapid tread wear.
  • Inefficient car handling around the corners.
  • Poor braking performance.

If you experience any of these symptoms, you should avail of professional 2- or 4-wheel tracking Manchester from a reliable workshop like ours. Delaying will severely impact the components of your car's suspension and lead to hefty servicing costs down the line.

Who Should Opt For 4 and 2 Wheel Tracking?

4 Wheel Tracking

4 wheel tracking is used to track and re-align the wheel angles of cars that run on an all-wheel-drive mechanism with an independent suspension system. 4 wheel tracking helps ensure all 4 wheels of a car are parallel.

2 Wheel Tracking

2 wheel tracking on the other hand, is exclusively meant for vehicles that run on the front or rear-wheel drive mechanism. In 2 wheel tracking, experts check and re-align a car's front or back wheels (depending on the construction of the car's axle geometry) to ensure a safe driving experience.

Hence, it will be beneficial if you check the owner's manual to learn about the drive mechanism used in your respective car model. This will help you opt for the correct wheel tracking service.

Alternatively, you can also come down to us to avail of our expert assistance!

About Our Wheel Tracking Service

When you come down to us for a 4 or 2 wheel tracking Manchester, our experts will use high definition laser sensors and digital cameras to inspect all the crucial wheel angles, which include:


Camber refers to the angle at which the wheels of a car tilt inward or outward when viewed from front. It is ideally the angular displacement between the vertical axis of a vehicle with that of its wheels.


Caster refers to the forward or backward distance between the car’s steering axis and its wheels. To state simply, it is the angle formed between the steering axis and the vertical axis of a car.


Toe refers to the symmetric alignment formed between the wheels of a car to their longitudinal axis. Ideally, it is the direction in which your car's tyres remain pointed in relation to the centreline.

Following this, we will use specialised software to find the difference between the current wheel angles to their original make. Our experts will then re-align the misaligned wheel angles of your wheels to their factory-make specifications using superior quality aligners.

We also offer additional inspections of related car components for utmost safety.

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