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Are you looking for Aluminium wheel welding for your vehicle?

Alloy or aluminium wheels enhance the aesthetics of your vehicle and also offer optimum speed and cornering precision. However, the lightweight material makes these wheels more susceptible to damage. Considering the expenses of replacing alloy wheels, most vehicle owners opt for aluminium wheel welding.

M8 Tyres & Tracking Ltd. is a trusted name for aluminium wheel welding Manchester. We use advanced tools and techniques to conduct the welding process. Our experts are highly experienced in handling the issues with your car's aluminium wheels and are always coming up with an appropriate solution.

How will you know when to visit us for aluminium wheel welding?

Signs Of A Damaged Aluminium Wheel

Apart from the obvious visible damage, issues can also be identified from the following signs:

  • Frequent tyre deflation
  • Juddering steering wheel and floorboard
  • Unusual noise while driving
  • Increased effort to turn the steering wheel
  • Low handling response
  • Increasing fuel consumption, etc.

Causes Of Alloy Wheel Damage

As already mentioned above, alloy wheels are prone to damage due to their material and lightweight. So, here are some of the common reasons that cause damage to aluminium wheels:

Height impacts

Damage can occur when you drive off high kerbs or disregard braking elements in traffic-calmed areas. When the car's entire weight acts on the tyres and rims, the metal can bend and become unbalanced. The imbalance causes the tyres to roll at high speeds - this can lead to life-threatening situations!

Dents caused by bumps must, therefore, be repaired as quickly as possible.

Other high-impact damage can be caused by accidents and driving too fast over potholes or speed breakers.

The wrong tyre pressure and suspension damage can also cause damage.

Other damages that do not necessarily need welding but can be repaired otherwise (please have a look at our Alloy wheel repair section):

Stone chips Small stones, debris, etc., often hit the wheels on uneven roads when driving. Stone chips can hit rims, paintwork or the windshield. Most of the time, this is not self-inflicted: on country roads as well as on motorways, stones can hit the vehicle at any time.

Bird droppings are acidic and can cause severe damage to the paintwork.

Know Our Aluminium Wheel Welding Manchester Procedure

We follow the steps below while conducting aluminium wheel repairs Manchester:

  • We dismount the wheel assembly from your car, following all safety measures.
  • Next, we remove the tyre from the damaged wheel and mark the area that needs to be repaired.
  • After that, we will weld and refurbish the aluminium wheel using the best standard techniques.
  • Finally, we will fit the tyre back to the wheel, conduct a wheel balancing check and inflate the tyre with the correct pressure to ensure your on-road safety and vehicle performance.

Our services are always professional, and we try to keep the costs down as much as possible.

So, do not wait and waste time shopping around, but conclude your "aluminium wheel welding near me" searches with us!

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