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Are you looking for Trailer Tyres for your vehicle?

On the fundamental level, trailer tyres differ from car tyres in functionality. Car tyres have thicker tread which is built to maintain traction while cornering and on slippery roads. On the other hand, trailer tyres have thicker sidewalls to keep away debris. Their tread is not as thick as car tyres. They are designed to accommodate the sway that the rig experiences. To know more about trailer tyres, get in touch with M8 Tyres & Tracking Ltd.

We are a full-service garage managed by certified professionals in Manchester. We specialise in handling all sorts of trailer tyres with utmost care and precision. You can contact our technicians to maintain your trailer tyres in the best of health.

Trailer Tyres: Enjoy The Changing Season

Care must be taken when you are dealing with a trailer tyre. A lot of times, tyre blowout is a result of the heat build-up which causes the tyre to burst. The heat can be caused due to several reasons. However, the two main causes of heat build-up in trailer tyres are an underinflated tyre or overloading of the trailer. Visit our garage for getting a quick fix for the tyre issue.

It must be noted that trailer tyres are repaired from the inside. This is because their liner is made to hold air better than its inner tube. This means that if the tyre has a puncture which is less than ΒΌ inch in size, it can be plugged from the outside and be patched on the inside. Also, if there is a cut which is confined to its tread area, it can be easily repaired with a suitable patch. If the damage is on the sidewall or on its tyre tread then the tyre has to be replaced.

If you are looking for new and part-worn trailer tyres, contact our tyre experts at M8 Tyres & Tracking Ltd. We stock a variety of branded trailer tyres from popular brands at affordable prices.

Handle Trailer Tyres Effectively

A flat tyre on a boat trailer must be handled as carefully as a car tyre. If you are looking for the best mechanics to fix your trailer tyre, contact M8 Tyres & Tracking Ltd.

Feel free to place your order of new or worn-out trailer tyres with us. Our facility has the latest and best stock of trailer tyres from reputed brands. Our tyre experts will help you find the perfect set of tyres in your budget.

Your tyres will give plenty of hints to let you know they are not in good condition. If you are in doubt or want to fix the issues as quickly as possible, call us. Our experts will be pleased to offer prompt guidance and support to all our customers equally.

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