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Are you looking for Wheel Alignment for your vehicle?

Are you looking for workshops that can accurately check your car’s wheel alignment Manchester?

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We are one of the most sought-after destinations for wheel alignment checks in and around your location. Our workshop is equipped with superior quality sensors and aligners that help us complete the entire service in the least turn-around time and guarantee the most accurate results. Furthermore, our technicians have trained in industry best practices and hence, can deal with the faults in axle geometry of any vehicle segment with utmost precision.

About Our Wheel Alignment Service

Please note we provide both 4 and 2 wheel alignment Manchester. Hence, whichever car segment you drive, we have got you covered for all-wheel tracking requirements.

  • 2 Wheel Alignment- 2 wheel alignment is ideal for cars that run on the front or rear wheel drive mechanism.
  • 4 Wheel Alignment- Our experts provide 4 wheel alignment Manchester for vehicles that operate on an all-wheel-drive mechanism.

Wondering which wheel alignment check you should opt for?

Go through your car’s owner’s manual or come directly to us for professional assistance. We will check the wheel angles of your respective car model and suggest the right wheel alignment service.

Warning Sign Of Misaligned Wheels

Here are some distinct warning signs that indicate the wheels of your car are not properly aligned:

  • A sudden drop in mileage
  • Increased tyre wear
  • Uneven tread wear
  • The car pulls in one direction when driving straight
  • Crooked steering wheel
  • Odd juddering on the steering wheel
  • Poor braking performance etc.

Come to us for comprehensive assistance if you are experiencing any of these symptoms.

Why Us?

We ensure correct wheel alignment results. Hence, we provide a High definition of laser alignment Manchester. Our advanced laser sensors and digital cameras offer a 3D modelling of your car’s axle geometry and help us inspect the 3 crucial wheel angles most accurately. The angles that we inspect include:

  • Camber:

Camber refers to the alignment between the vertical axis of a car’s wheels and the car itself.

  • Caster:

Caster is a name given to the angle at which a car's steering axis and its wheels' vertical axis are aligned.

  • Toe:

Toe is the symmetric alignment that a car’s wheels make with their longitudinal axis.

Following this detailed inspection of the axle geometry, we use superior computerised software to track the degree of displacement in the current wheel angles from their original specification. This helps us re-align the wheel angles to their original make without much turn-around time.

Sounds good?

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