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Vehicles owned by different people differ in many ways. There’s a lot of difference between an SUV and a Sedan. But the common aspect shared by all the vehicles is repairing and servicing. 

Another important component that needs our attention but is often neglected is our tyres. Tyres should be given extra care because they hold the weight of your vehicle. The needs of our vehicles vary depending on their features and customizations. Owners often get frustrated when they are forced to take their vehicles to multiple service centres. 

M8 Tyres are here at your assistance. We provide services that enhance the performance of your car.

The varying car services offered by us include

  • Tyres from the top-most brands
  • Tyre services
  • Battery repairing
  • MOT Tests
  • Wheel Balancing
  • Brakes
  • Servicing

MOT Tests and tyre checking

MOT Tests are conducted by the Ministry of Transport. According to the ministry, a car without a ‘pass’ MOT certificate is unfit for driving. It is considered illegal to drive such cars on the roads of the UK. Tyres Rusholme are one of the components that are checked during an MOT Test. So, it is crucial to keep your car tyres in good conditions. 

Sometimes people find it quite difficult to get these tests done. No big deal! M8 Tyres conducts MOT Tests of your vehicle in no time. In case your car fails a test, we even schedule a retest for you. These tests are done to check if your car is safe to drive or not. It ensures that all the important components of your vehicle are working properly.

Increase your tyre-life with efficient Wheel balancing

Wheel balancing involves the adequate distribution of weight among your car’s wheels. It is done to avoid the premature wearing of your tyres. Balancing your tyres will save a lot of money in the long run. Also, most people in the UK use two sets of tyres, winter tyresandsummer tyresFrequent replacement of the tyres requires wheel balancing in order to ensure proper functionality.

In case you notice any vibrations in your car’s steering wheel, make sure to check the balance of your Car tyres Rusholme. The professional staff at M8 Tyres will do the balancing task in no time, and the prices offered by us are also reasonable. 

Lots of tyre brands to choose from

We are stocked with different tyre brands from reputable brands. Michelin, Bridgestone, Pirelli, Continental are some of them. You name the brand, and we will try our best to provide you with the same.

Since the tyres are the most essential component responsible for safety, they need to be strong and durable. M8 Tyres will assist you in choosing from a long list of tyres Rusholme. We are here to help you make the right choice. Also, you can find summer, winter, and all-season tyres here at M8 Tyres.

Cheap Tyres of great quality

M8 Tyres will sell you the best quality Cheap Tyres Rusholme. The best thing about us is that we do not compromise with the quality of tyres so your safety never becomes a second priority.

You can visit us at Unit 1 Collingham St, Cheetham Hill, Manchester M8 8RQ, UK. The visit timings are 09:00 - 18:00 from Monday-Friday and 09:00 - 17:00 on weekends. You can also ring us on 0161 834 8483. 

Your car’s tyres may incur significant damages and puncture because of driving over sharp objects, debris, and potholes. This situation can become a safety threat, especially if you are driving on a busy road. However, M8 Tyres can take care of this situation for you. Pullover towards one side of the road and call our garage to request for our mobile tyre fitting Rusholme services. We can carry out roadside puncture repairs and replacement of damaged tyres in the minimum time possible.

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